I recently made the trip up to the tiny village of Salcott in Suffolk to install a commission that i had been working on over the past year.

The hall is in the centre of the village and I was asked by the villages to design a memory tree to go outside the village hall to celebrate the memory of a local villager who had recently passed away.

The tree stands at just over two meters tall and is designed with lots of spiral shaped branches so villages can hang mementos on the tree. I draw the final designs for most of my work on a computer and working on a design of this size on a small screen proved tricky, trying to judge dimensions and getting the perfect curves. In the end I resorted to getting a full size printout of the design, making it much easier to see the curves that weren’t quite right, and measure dimensions making sure that the tree was both structurally sound as well as looking good. The tweaks there then incorporated into the computer drawing ready for the design to be laser cut.



Installation day was cold but sunny and the villagers turned to help move the tree into place. It now sits outside the hall and I hear that good use was made of it over Christmas with people decorating the tree with their homemade decorations. I’m hoping to pass by Walcott later in the year and will definitely stop to have a look and see how the Memory Tree is settling in.