Had an amazing sunset last night and I managed to grab a few quick photos of a new sculpture that I finished earlier in the day. I’ve named the sculpture ‘Bukhara’ after a beautiful town that I visited in Uzbekistan.

The sculpture is influenced by the geometric designs that are found in the mosaics that adorn the buildings. With a height of 170cm it’s made from two identical, almost teardrop shapes that interlock to form a cross and feature an intricate repeat pattern.

The first piece is made from corten steel with a surface that will be left to form a rusted patina. I also have another version in the pipeline made from stainless steel that will be finished with a mirror polish and mounted on a granite plinth, sourced from a Cornish quarry. It’s a bespoke sculpture and could be scaled up or down and made from a variety of materials to suit the intended location.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this one