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Contemporary Cow Parsley garden sculptures crafted from rusted metalContemporary rusted metal sculptureContemporary Cow Parsley garden sculptures crafted from rusted metalMetal cow parsley garden sculpture by garden art and sculpture

Medium Cow Parsley Sculpture

Rusted Metal Garden Sculptures

We have decided to stop selling the medium Cow Parsley for the moment due to continuous problems with couriers.

It’s extremely frustrating and after a lot of though we decided that we would rather take this step for the moment than let more of our customers down, something we really don’t like doing.

The problem is the length of the stalk with only one courier willing to deliver. Simon is working on a tent pole arrangement for the stalk, giving a shorter package, which enable us to use a more reliable corner service.

We hope to offer it for sale again in early May.

We hope you understand the current situation which we have little control over.

Thank you, Sharon & Simon

A sculptural interpretation of the Cow Parsley’s seed head swaying gently in the wind, we think our medium sized Cow Parsley sculpture makes a dramatic addition to any garden.

Displayed as part of a planting scheme or perhaps in groups on the lawn our garden sculptures are sure to be a real feature, adding interest to your garden throughout the year.

Crafted from metal, sculptures are treated to promote the rusting process and are then allowed to rust naturally. We love the warm, rich, rust patina that forms during the rusting process and seeing it evolve with time.

Our Cow Parsley sculptures look great in groups and we offer a reduction on individual prices, please do contact us for pricing.

3 sizes are available, Small, Medium, Large.

Price £65.00

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