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Birch Plywood interior sculpture – first experiments

Just finished my first experiment with CNC and laser cut birch plywood for this interior sculpture based on my Cow Parsley design.

I have always loved the effect you get with designs created from plywood and been longing to have a go.Really pleased with the result and the fact that the laser cutting burns […]

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New contemporary sculpture – photography

Lately the weather has been great and I’ve been taking the opportunity to take some photos of one or two of my new contemporary sculptures.

For the first time I’ve experimented with photographing sculptures at night. The key is picking the right moment between the on-set of dusk and complete darkness so you still have […]

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Uzbekistan, one of my favorite places

With a bit of time to spare I’ve been going through old holiday pics from one of my favourite trips to Uzbekistan with the amazing buildings of Samarkand and Bukhara from which I’ve taken the patterns as a base for some of my latest work, some of which can be seen on the Contemporary […]

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