A hotel in Scotland recently bought a ‘Herd of Deer‘ to enhance a new area of their amazing grounds. I looked into the courier costs of sending them to Scotland, they were were very nearly £300 so I decided to pack the trailer and deliver them myself, plus its always great to meet the client and see where the sculptures are being installed.

I eventually arrived at the Green Park Hotel in Pitlochry, what a place. the hotel, its grounds and the views across the loch to the hills were something else. Treated to lunch I unloaded the trailer and placed the Deer very roughly in their new home ready for the gardner’s to install the next day. I could quite happily have stayed at the Green Park for several days soaking up the view, but had to set off on my journey back to the south.

I was blessed with glorious weather for the whole trip and the scenery was truly stunning with the purple heather on the mountains and the huge sparkling lochs.

A really enjoyable trip.