I’ve just finished my latest contemporary garden sculpture, an all stainless steel version of my Braganca design.

The Braganca sculpture is one of my favorite designs with it’s long flowing curves. It’s named after a beautiful small town in northern Portugal where I first sketched the idea whilst on holiday. There was also a cafe that served great cakes so I was in heaven, I will go along way for good cakes.

This version is made from stainless steel that has been mirror polished and looks stunning in it’s new setting with the mirrored surfaces reflecting the surrounding garden.

I also make the piece with an all rusted finish and one made from a combination of materials with one half rusted steel and the other mirror polished stainless steel. This last version is just a little bit different.

For more details on the design take a look at the Bespoke Sculptures page, drop me an email or give me a ring 07743 489811