Had another trip up north to get some new stainless steel sculptures mirror polished. It’s a skill that’s fairly hard to come by in the south but still exists in Sheffield, probably as a result of the cutlery industry. I can always remember as a boy walking the backstreets and seeing rows of men sat at grinding wheels polishing knifes.

Whilst up there I had a chance to visit one of my favorite places, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The grounds were full of huge amazing sculptures by Liverpool born sculptor Tony Cragg. Some were made from layer upon layer of wood which is then planes and sanded to give the molten effect whilst others as in the one that’s featured in the photos does appear to be almost molten steel. No idea how this ones made, hard a long hard look, but couldn’t work it out.

For those in the north or those travelling up the M1 towards Leeds its well worth a visit.