The Leaf Sculptures were commissioned by a forest school Nr Preston. The schools four houses are named after leavs, Lime, Sycamore, Poplar and Rowan and we were commissioned to design and create larger than life versions to help the children with identifying the different leavs.

For the design we decided that we couldn’t really stray very far from the true shape as they are intended as a visual reference, but we did have to use a bit of artistic license with the veins, stripping them back to the bare minimum to create a bolder shape and also to keep the cost of creating them within the budget. It would be possible to create the leavs with the very intricate vein pattern, but the cost to produce it would be higher, although it would make an amazing garden sculpture.

The leaves stand approximately 130cm tall and are created form our usual steel material which is allowed to rust naturally. The rusted finish looked particularly appropriate when they were installed in the Autumn.

metal sculpture for the garden



metal garden sculptures