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diCabra, rusted steel / metal garden sculpture, ideal for the patio.diCabra, garden - patio and garden sculpture made from rusted steel / metaldiCabra, garden and patio sculptures made form rusted steel / metaldiCabra, garden and patio sculptures - dimensionsdiCabra, rusted steel sculpture for the garden or patio

di Cabra

Our smaller version, a rusted metal sculpture for the garden, patio or conservatory

Inspired by cave paintings in Andalusia, this small contemporary garden sculptures one of our favourites with real character.

Place the sculpture in the garden amongst flowers, or using a wooden base, on the patio or in the conservatory. For base options please get in touch, the only limit is your imagination.

Crafted from metal, sculptures are allowed to rust naturally. We love the finish that evolves with time, the rich warm hues, glowing in the sun.

Price £185.00

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